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Agence Fences

Sold as brood mare in 2003 in the Fences selection auction, Castle Forbes Myrtille Paulois won the gold 10 years later at the European Championships with Roger-Yves Bost. There has been many other beautiful stories: Cevo Itot Du Chateau, Kraque Boom, Caucalis... The breeding and sport auctions (elite, selection and service) give everyone the opportunity to find their own champion. Fences Agency is a major player on the international scene with over 7.000 horses sold, which pursued their careers in more than 40 countries.

Hello Ari,

I am sorry but we are not expert about Mustangs they are for sure very interesting horses, but I do not want give any advice if I do not know the subject in depth.


Hi Derek

The Elite auction is very international we sell in-between 30 to 50% of the horses outside of France.
The online auction which is a new activity for us is becoming more and more international and is reaching the Elite auction rate.


Hi Ian,

For the live auction, it could be the purpose of a service auction and it can be easily the case for an online auction.
Feel free to contact us if you have something particular in mind.


Hello Jodie,

This is a new development we are considering to start.


Hi Joan,

There is no particular quarantine for the horses before to attend the auctions facilities, no European regulation requires this type of procedure.
the horses just need to fulfil a set of blood testing before to arrive at the place.


Hello Linda

All the members of the stable team at the Elite auction are experienced professional well trained to prepare and manage young horses.
I you believe to qualify for such a job, feel free to contact us, good fellows are always welcome ;)


Hi Madison;

When the horses arrive at the auction's place, the Fences team takes charge of them and do the whole preparation.


Hello Gary,

At the performers auction horses sold are well trained horses in the 4 years old to 9 years old and possibly older ones.
They are selected for different purposes from the amateur level to the best professional standard.


Hi Lily;

We are sorry, but it is clearly not the purpose of the auctions.
If the horse fits your needs it is so easy to bid for the online auctions; or for the live auctions if you cannot attend the auction it is also simple to bid by phone.


Hi Mona,

At the Elite auctions all the horses are gathered at the auction's place a few days before the auction.
For the online auctions, you can contact us and we will organize at our best possibilities a try day gathering the horses you have interest in.