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Luca Proscia

Cinderella is not the only one looking for the perfect shoe! A technical pair of boots can make wonders once in the saddle. Fabbri Boots fosters excellence with a handmade fabrication, innovative materials and an elegant finish: elastic leather, flashy colors, creative designs... The most feminine American riders, like our ambassador Lillie Keenan, can't do without them.

Hi Lauren!

We need your foot size, the measure of your calf in the biggest part and the height from the back of your knees to the floor whiteout wearing shoes.


Hello Melinda,

With Fabbri....Everything! :) You can choose the lining, the shape of the toe, the side cut, the top, punching, piping, Swarovski.....some client make me a draw and we realize their dream :)


Hi David,

She was looking for boots and she stopped by and liked the quality of our products. We had since the beginning a wonderful communication and collaboration and the fitting of the boots was excellent since the start. I think she will be part of our family for a long time like Lauren Hough or Nick Skelton.


Hi Alexia,

The Derby is a custom boots made with calf and with laces. The easy ride is a custom boots made with an elastic and synthetic leather.


Hi Kareen,

I think they like the quality and the service behind the brand. Fabbri is a boot maker since 1924 and always striving for excellence. Nick Skelton and Lauren Hough has been in Fabbri for many years and actually Nick won the golden medal at the Olympics with our RTW Pro boots.


Hi Lauren,

We have a warranty of 6 months on the boots and deliver the best service you can expect :)


Hi Lily,

Yes our products are mainly handcrafted and that's make the difference. When you handmade the products, especially for the custom boots, you have the expertise of the boots maker that can give that "little touch" that a machine will never have. We say always that our boots are made with love and every single one for us is a piece of art/heart :)


Hi Cassie,

Yes we do boots for non riders. We have been designing boots for D&G and Brunello Cucinelli. We are planning to expand in many direction but with the right time. We don't want to loose our core business and identity.


Hi Kim!

Yes we are here till April. Our custom boots take between 3 to 4 weeks to be delivered. Stop by anytime!


Hi Ruby,

All that will be ordered plus yours ;)