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Horse Pilot

"To become the performance brand of the equestrian world": here is the leitmotiv of Horse pilot. This guideline allows the brand to create technical clothes, putting at the services of horseback riding advanced technologies in other sports. It is in the minde of Aurélien Guillon, Simon Dewavrin and Guillaume Jenin, founders of the brand, that the idea of Horse Pilot was born: to create the rider's future textile. These sports enthusiasts, whether it is skiing, surfing or sailing, are also riders, and it is for their sport that they wanted to adapt technicity to the constraints of the rider's clothing.

Hi Will,

We are making a special offer with the launch of our new website, one polo is free for any purchase over 200 € :) We'll be glad to welcome you on our new website!

You can get the Storm vest here:


Hi Dereck,

You can get in touch with a nice shop called Equiproduct in Calgary, they have an online shop and a physical shop with all the range in stock.
Here are the links of their website and of ours: and .


Hello Kareen,

The specifity is that we are working with real leather, which is the best material in terms of longevity, with modern technics and by mixing materials we can get gloves which last longer. Depending on the model, we can add either breathing, heating, or some other details as the Touch Screen (to use your phone when riding). These gloves are coming for February 2017.


Hello Amy,

Our job is to follow the rider in his performances and in that dimension we will develop products for horses, we will keep the same mind set and the same DNA for that line. We already studied that project, particularly for a technical saddle pad which is going to be launched in February 2017.


Hello Mark,

All our products are responding to OEKOTEX and REACH which are worldwide standars for the respect of the environment and working conditions. Apart from that labelling, we think that it is important to create products which have an important longevity. We don’t create products for a quick usage, these are products that we keep and use for a long time.


Hello Lauren,

The technical aspect is becoming unavoidable for sports brands and it is an important element of the style. We like wearing technical clothes more and more, and we like it when it is in a subtle way. The technical element today brings style, the design depends on the function, the sport is fashionable. Horse Pilot begins first of all with a technical consideration, with good quality materials, and high level designers. The essence of the technique is the raw material.


Hello David,

We inspire ourselves principally from well known sports brands for their technical and modern designs: running, skiing, and biking (TechPack from Nike, technical matters from Eider, new technologies Asics and Under Armor). We are going to put online a R&D section on our website to present in more details this central dimension of our brand:


Hello Adeline,

You can personalize competition vests, with more than 240,000 existing combinations, for a very unique look! For the rest of the range it is ready to wear. Discover the customizable vest:


Hello Tessy,

We launched a new winter range, for which we concentrated on the rider’s training. About new products for 2017, we have a technical saddle pad, summer gloves and technical underwear... and many surprises that we won’t forget to present you in details!


Hello Melinda,

Many other brands exist on the market, and we prefer the most sports and performance orientated ones, which bring innovation, add value, and make a difference in our sport. We are alined with brands who create a break with existing products and rethink the product depending on its use. There are many other examples in helmets and stirrups.