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Team Ucpa

Whether it's a childhood dream or a late vocation, all trainers share one thing: the passion of horses. This passion,they are the firsts to pass it on to all the future riders ,and to succeed in holding this primordial role, it is essential to have a solid background. This is where the UCPA intervenes with its courses aimed at professionalize the equestrian industry. The best professionals have followed UCPA's courses, and this especially thanks to prestige speakers such as Olympic Champion Philippe Rozier or the European Champion Stanislas De Zuchowicz. Apart from its courses, the UCPA also takes you on a horse holiday in the most beautiful equestrian domains.

Unfortunately, ou will have to ride a horse to pass the VETP (Validation Prerequisites Technical Requirements).

Yes, it is possible to validate gallops during the formation, depending on which degree you want to validate.

Please find below informations regarding the VETP (Validation Prerequisites Technical Requirements).

Yes you can follow our trainings with your horse. We can also provide accomodation if needed, depending on the riding stable you chose.

You will need a working visa to follow our course under a contract of apprenticeship.

Yes, we can provide catering and accomodation, depending on the riding stable you chose.

Unfortunately we don't at this time.

UCPA is the acronym for "Union des Centres sportifs de Plein Air" which can be translated in english as Outdoors Activities Sports Centers Union