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Thierry Laval

After many years developing successful TV channels for niche markets (wine, pets...), Thierry Laval wants to take up the challenge of publicizing equestrian sports by launching a channel dedicated to riders. Online since a week, Cheval TV offers 8 program topics, from high level sport to technical masterclasses or cultural content, all available on and on a mobile app.

Dear Scott,

If you want to film equestrian sports, it is better to work with specialists cameramen and also a director who knows the discipline in order to tell the good story. ;-)


Dear Jan,

A big challenge ! But more than an equestrian media, we are an equestrian sports media and it makes a difference ! Sport domain is really challenging and push you to do better. We have that energetic push in our DNA.
Best regards


Good evening Kim,

Our goal is to propose a lot of original productions and we are studying right now many projects involving of course french riders - we want to offer a way to establish a strong link between riders and community :-)


Dear Maddy,

For the moment, CHEVAL TV will be available in France, Belgium and Switzerland.


Dear Mark,

Yes we planned to go to Tokyo for the Olympics. We do not know yet what kind of report we will do.


Dear Ruben,

The riders are easy to interview if you care about them. it is better to interview then after their course, never before.


Dear Derek

Well - we do operate on an opportunistic way ! It really depends on the situation. Of course, if we operate a partnership, no - there is no fee at all ! If we want to get the streaming / broadcasting rights of a program - we do pay fees to right owners !


Dear Cole

Actually our service is a streaming service for now ! But we will work for sure to extend our service to download - Until then do not hesitate to stream our contents - best 🙂


Dear Jack,

Yes ;-) Some programs are in replay; Please find below the link :
The commentaries are in French ;-)


Dear Alexia,

Of course we do ! Cheval Tv is not only a sport channel. It is a channel for all horses and ponies passionates, whatever the disciplines. ;-)