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Thierry Rozier

His incredible come back at the highest level and his complicity with Venezia d'Écaussinnes are an inspiration, Thierry Rozier isn't going to make it easy for the other riders to win the next Grand Prix that he will be entering. Surrounded by a renown equestrian family, Thierry hasn't the most usual daily life: international rider, exclusive trainer, outstanding communicator, this year he is also the sport director of the Chantilly Longines Global Champions Tour. Selected for his modern vision of our sport, he aspires to develop the program in order to offer always more pleasure to the riders and to the public.

Hello Melinda,

I select big shows I want to compete in and then organize my season to be as ready as possible. I choose the show that will prepare me and my horse the best possible.
But in the end it always changes though the year, for exemple I didn't planned, at first, to go to the Rotterdam Nation's Cup but when Philippe Guerdat told me I was in, I had to change my schedule a little.


Hello Kareen,

I don't know any of the team so I don't support any one in particular. However I know it's a top competition with high levels riders. It's still a new concept which has to find its place but it helps riders to win big prize money. The locations are often incredible too!


Hello Elliot,

Between shows my horse mostly go outside to work. I am very lucky to be in the Fontainebleau forest so I can take my horses out.
They understand that when they are out it's more fun and relaxed and when they work in the arena they have to be more focused and at work.


Hello Maddy,

Even if we try to ride every course the same way, riding for the French team is always different and special.

When riding in a team you really want to jump clear for you but most of all for your teammates. When in individual if you miss a course it only affects you but in team competition your ride also for other people.

In the warm up of a Nation Cup it feels like every team is going to war, it's really amazing to live!


Hello Kim,

I decided to trained Abdelkebir after my father asked me to. Indeed Kebir is trained by him but he needed help to relieve him a bit.

But at the moment I am really focusing on the competition and I put coaching a bit aside.
I made the decision to go back at top level and it's working for now so my schedule is more focused on.
I don't want to cheat with my students and don't be a 100% with them. The experience I am gaining now, I could teach them in a few years.


Hello Hang,

I don't have a 'best advice' but what I like to do is to observe the other riders. You can learn a lot from watching them ride. For exemple I love to watch Marcus Enhing, Ludger Beerbaum or Kevin Staut.
I also learnt a lot from my father, Marcel Rozier and also from the many experiences I have lived.


Hello Soline,

The Global Champions Tour choose the riders itself. The host can't choose the riders or the team competing.
The riders has to be in the top 15 ranking list and then the national trainer can invite 5 riders of the host country.
The FEI also has an invitation for the rider of its choice.


Hello Abby,

To succeed a rider really needs money to buy good horses and make a living of it. You really have to want it and and provide themselves with the means of achieving these. The team is also essential (owners, groom, …).
In my case, I don’t win enough competition to make a living of it. I am lucky that my owner wants to keep Venezia but financially it is really difficult to stay in the top level.


Hello Mark,

I think there are 2/3 of foreign riders in Chantilly. There are always more foreign riders in the Global Champions Tour even if the host country has a few invitations for his riders.
In the 2* there is more or less half French riders and half foreign riders.


Hello Haley,

I started riding quite late, at 14. I competed in the French young rider circuit and i compete in the second division French team for a while. I also got involved in the horse racing world a lot. Then I started coaching a lot. And now I’ve started riding again for a year and a half.