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Victor Levecque

The International Equestrian Federation calls him "the Kilian Mbappé of French eventing", and it was at the 2018 FEI Awards that victor levecque eventing was recognized in the Longines rising star category. Double eventing European Champion, Young Riders French champion... thanks to the system he has built around him, Victor accumulates the titles while pursuing a course of excellence in Science Po Paris. And to support him in the building of his way to the Olympic Games, the young rider can count on exceptional partners, whether it is Hermes, Volvo or also Milcham aviation.

Hello Hannah,

It is hard to give an exact number, it depends on my university, but at least 5 times a week.


Hello Amber,

Since I am a child. I couldn't explain it, it has always been my dream.


Hello Melinda,

There are many riders that inspire me, many great champions. In France, there is Maxim Livio for his equitaion and everything he did on the profesionnal side. We have the chance to have many great riders in France. I don't want to be like them, I find inspiration but I try to be myself.


Hello Linda,

The best advice is to be well organized. I think it's really great to combine both.


Hello Elliott,

Yes, even when the season is not over, I think it's really important to do showjumping during the eventing season. Today, I don't have specific showjumping horses, but I would like to. I focus on eventing but it's really important to prepare big competitions, young horses...


Hello Heleri,

You have to think about it, do you really want to change, and when you are, you have to do it.


Hello Cassie,

The European Championship, it was a great weekend with my family, the staff...behond the victory.


Hello Mark,

No, I already thought about it. Maybe do an internship in the future, with a great rider to take experience. I had the chance to have everything since I am quite young: trainers, barn, horses... So I don't have the necessity to do it.


Hello Tessy,

I think it is England and New Zealand, for them eventing is a true national sport.


Hello Connor,

I could't give big differences. I think that techniques are different, but in Europe, the system is quite the same.