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Horseblaze magazine. India's horse related magazine in print and online

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Horseblaze magazine. India's horse related magazine in print and online

"I am thrilled and excited to announce the launch of our magazine, Horse Blaze. Through this venture, I hope to get you intimate with the equine community by informing you about the latest news and trends going around. The magazine will be circulated all over the world.
What propelled me to start Horse Blaze? I have been passionate about horses since time immemorial, and have been an active member of the horses’ lover community. I felt a dire need for a magazine which could cover all aspects related to horses. Through Horse Blaze, I hope to fill that need by bringing to you the only magazine in India, tailor end to the equine community.
In a nutshell, here is a brief overview on what we aim to cover:
• International and regional equestrian events occurring around the world.
• Interviews with renowned equestrians around the world; getting you up close andpersonal with your favorite equestrians and providing insights on their daily lives with horses.
• Information about the latest products, deals, trends; equipping you with latest know how on how to take care of your horses.
Nowadays, equine Market is growing at a rapid rate in India. The recent announcement of developing new racing tracks has piqued the interest of many manufacturers dealing with the equine market.
Numerous businesses are using Horse Blaze to spread awareness about their products and accessories. In addition to it, we are helping them to find distributors and partners.
So if you have a business related to the equine industry and looking to spread awareness about it, Contact us at Horse Blaze. We’ll be happy to hear you.
Best Regards.
Harjit singh rai"
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