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Since its creation in 1871, Sciences Po has been France’s preeminent university ...

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Since its creation in 1871, Sciences Po has been France’s preeminent university for the social sciences. Its alumni include a Secretary General of the United Nations, four Managing Directors of the International Monetary Fund, numerous corporate leaders, 10 of France’s last 18 Prime Ministers, and the three most recent Presidents of the Republic. Sciences Po has long outgrown its French roots, and is open to the world. Today, some 40% of our 10,000 students are international, from 130 countries. The education we offer is emphatically outward looking. We seek to provide students with the essential tools that will enable them to make sense of a complex world. Our goal is to open minds and develop critical thinking. As a fully-fledged research and teaching university, Sciences Po is focused on excellence, and demands the highest standards from faculty and students alike. We offer a three-year undergraduate program that includes a year abroad at one of our 350 partner universities. There are more than 20 Masters degree programmes, which are designed to prepare graduates for the professional world, and a flourishing doctoral school. We offer dual degrees with international partners including Columbia University in New York, the London School of Economics and Fudan University in Shanghai. Sciences Po is known in France for its promotion of equal opportunity in higher education, and we have an array of scholarships for both French and non-French students.
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