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Our team rider @nick_gauntlett shares his #stableroutine: "In my stables, we try very hard to work to a routine but invariably the problem with sticking to the routine is me! These days I am very busy as a coach and that takes me all over the world including days and half days more locally. As well as this we keep 2 Stallions who appear to be very popular - they get taken 20mins up the road to Jane Holderness-Roddam’s West Kington Stud ad required; a further distraction from a normal routine. Not to mention my wonderful family who I obviously enjoy spending as much time as possible with. All of this makes it difficult to describe a typical day and definitely keeps the great team I have at Chescombe Farm wondering what tomorrow will bring...
Ideally, the yard is Hayed and Fed at 7 am then the horses get a leg stretch on the walker and the yard is mucked out and then everyone stops for their own breakfast. I will aim to start riding once the boys have left for school / I’m. Back from dropping them at school and would like to get riding done before stopping for lunch so the afternoon can be for jobs that invariably appear. The yard is skipped out at lunchtime and again before the horses are fed at 5. Ideally, the yard is finished the but it rarely is. The horses get checked late night & more hay - and another feed to anything that needs it.
However, as I’ve said I struggle to keep life routine. Somedays I will start early and ride before the girls feed. Other days I might teach in the morning & therefore ride in the afternoon and there are plenty of days I can’t ride at all but I am lucky to have a great team who can all work the horses including Brier Leahy who I employ to ride the young ones."

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