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The Western States 100-Miles One-Day Trail Ride, popularly called the Tevis Cup ...

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The Western States 100-Miles One-Day Trail Ride, popularly called the Tevis Cup Ride is the founding modern-day equestrian event of its kind in the world. Today, there are hundreds of endurance riding events throughout the nation and internationally that are based on the infrastructure, methods and standards originally established by this event. This includes the modeling of national organizations, which sanction similar endurance riding events.

Wendell Robie, the founder of the Western States Trail Ride offered his vision of a majestic riding trail penetrating the wild beauty of mountain peaks and valleys hallowed by the Washoe and Maidu tribes and later crossed by explorers, settlers and gold-seekers. Robie declared that the virtue of such a trail would lie in helping preserve the historic significance of its route and would encourage people to return to a simple life perhaps furthering their appreciation of nature, history and the outdoors through the humane use of horses. Horsemen can trade the hectic world of traffic jammed freeways and skyscrapers for a realm of natural splendor while passing through cathedral-like groves of forests that shelter vast numbers of wildlife. Therein lies the essence of the Tevis Cup Ride and the historic Western States Trail.

The Tevis Cup Ride is sponsored by the Western States Trail Foundation (WSTF), which has long recognized an obligation to continue the tradition dating back to 1955. The Tevis Cup represents the Foundation's commitment to the ideals of a pioneering experience along historically significant trails that traverse the scenic wilderness of the Sierra Nevada Mountains from east of Squaw Valley to Auburn.

In 1959, the Lloyd Tevis Cup was established as an award for distinguishing merit for the fastest riding time, outstanding horsemanship and sportsmanship in the Western States 100-Mile One-Day Ride. Donated by three brothers, Will, Gordon and George Tevis in memory of their grandfather, a pioneering entrepreneur and Wells Fargo Bank’s first President, LLOYD TEVIS (1824-1899.)

In 1964, Louis Haggin of Versailles, Kentucky donated the sterling silver, Tiffany & Co. made Haggin Cup in memory of his grandfather James Ben Ali Haggin (1822-1914.) Haggin was a friend, business and law partner of Lloyd Tevis. The Haggin Cup is awarded to the “to be in the most superior condition” among the top ten horses to cross the finish line.

Since the origin of modern day endurance riding starting with this event in 1955, thousands of horsemen and their athletic steeds have sought the challenges of the Tevis Cup Ride. The Ride counts among its alumni many mavens of American and International horsemanship.

The WSTF wants you to consider what others have found to be an experience of a lifetime. We sincerely look forward to seeing you each summer at the full of the Rider's Moon.
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